Some exciting news…

With less than 90 days from Election Day, we know what we face at the polls.

Just looking at what Tea Party extremists have done so far in Texas makes me shudder. I have no doubt that another legislative session with a Tea Party super-majority in control will be devastating for middle-class families.

With your support, that won’t happen. Democrats have candidates across our state working hard, knocking on doors and raising money to turn Texas House seats blue.

We want you to know these candidates and why they will win in November. So, for the first time, the HDCC is launching Back to Blue – our program highlighting the Democratic candidates with the best opportunity to win seats in 2012.
Help us turn more seats blue!

Even more exciting – two of our major donors have generously pledged $75,000 in matching funds to kick-start this effort!

That means every dollar raised to help win our most competitive seats will be doubled!

To help these candidates and to maximize the matching funds, we need your help! Can you contribute $500, $250, $100, $50 or even $25 today to help us reach our matching goal?

Republicans are doubling-down on their extreme rhetoric that will keep Texans at the bottom of everything we need to be first in for our children to succeed.  You can double your effort today to help show them the door!

There’s not much time left and there’s far too much at stake. Support our candidates by supporting the HDCC. Their victory in November will be a giant first step in our fight to bring Texas back to blue.

Bluely yours,

Representative Jessica Farrar
Co-Chair, Texas HDCC

Contribute to the Black to Blue Matching Program!