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HD-29 – Travis Boldt

HD-54 – Keke Williams 

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HD-93 – Lydia Bean 

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HD-108 – Joanna Cattanach 

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HD-108: Joanna Cattanach  

(Updated 9/17/2020)

Morgan Meyer:

While it’s important that voters learn about Meyer’s health care record, that is secondary to his record on the issues like protecting the right to choose and gun safety. Voters across HD-108 need to see Meyer’s rigid, out-of-touch and disqualifying record on these two core issues.

 In Austin, Morgan Meyer tried to outlaw the right to choose, even in the cases of rape and incest.[1] He voted to prevent doctors from saving a woman’s life in the event that she is unconscious and the doctor determines that terminating the pregnancy is the only way to save her life.[2]

 On gun safety, the Meyer record is just as out-of-touch. Meyer is A rated by the NRA because he opposes common-sense gun safety measures.[3] With school shootings on the rise, he tried to force colleges and universities to allow guns on campus[4] and made it easier to bring guns into sporting events, churches, and hospitals.[5]

 Joanna Cattanach:

After voters learn about Morgan Meyer on their tv and phones, they should see why Joanna Cattanach is a new leader with real Texas values. A former foster child and current educator, Joanna was raised on grit and perseverance. A mother of two young boys, our families are Joanna Cattanach’s motivation, which is why she’ll fight for common-sense gun safety laws, to fully fund out public schools, and protect the right to choose.

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[2] SB 8 Amendment 5, 5/19/17
[3] The Dallas Morning News, 5/24/15
[4] SB 11, 5/31/15
[5] HB 910 Amendment 18, 4/17/15 


HD-93: Lydia Bean

Voters in HD-93, particularly those without recent partisan primary vote history who voted in either of the last 2 general elections, plus voters under age 50 who have registered or moved here since Nov 2018, need to read in the mail, see and hear on screens and on the go that State Rep. Matt Krause has failed us in Austin.

On Covid, Rep. Krause opposed any restrictions on public gatherings and early openings of restaurants, gyms and salons. He opposes vaccines for children before they return to school, which endangers fellow students and teachers. And Krause’s opposition to expanding Medicaid prevents Texas from accepting over $100 billion in federal money and kills thousands of health care jobs. We have the highest rate of uninsured adults under the age of 65 in the country, but Krause would deny coverage to millions of Texans who’ve lost their jobs as a result of the pandemic.

Since State Rep. Krause is not well known in the district, it’s important for voters to begin to learn the truth about his record in late September/early October, so they can make the right choice during the Early Vote window which opens on Oct. 13.